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Today I’m thrilled to be participating in the blog tour for THE BRIGHTEST FELL by Seanan McGuire, the eleventh October Daye novel and the first of the series to be released in hardcover. Check out my review and don’t forget to enter the giveaway for ROSEMARY & RUE, the first book in the series!

The Brightest Fell by Seanan McGuire (October #11)

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: DAW on September 5, 2017

Source: Publisher

My thanks to the publisher for providing me with a digital review copy. No compensation was provided for this review, and all opinions are my own.

For once, everything in October “Toby” Daye’s life seems to be going right.


With THE BRIGHTEST FELL, Seanan McGuire brings her much beloved October Daye series to an impressive eleven books. Even more impressive? The series still feels fresh, creative, and fun!

In some ways THE BRIGHTEST FELL feels like mixed fae and human changeling October Daye’s greatest hits album. Throughout the story, we revisit some of Toby’s biggest cases, recapping some of the craziness that’s gone down over the past four years. All this recap means that newcomers to the series could jump in at book 11 rather than book 1, but I do think a lot of the emotional weight of the events in this story would be lost on those who haven’t read the previous books. The quest that Sir Daye, Knight of the Realm finds herself on here is the culmination of all that came before, and I really appreciate the way that McGuire is able to make all these seemingly unrelated events come together in such a logical way.

As Toby, her squire Quentin, and a shady character from their past race through San Francisco, the Summerlands, and other parts of Faerie to save the lives of their friends (again), we get a chance to see the scope of the world McGuire has built here. From the different locales in Faerie to specific species of Fae to the history and politics of the Firstborn, no detail is unimportant. Ten books worth of top-notch world building is subtly woven into THE BRIGHTEST FELL, their importance finally revealed…and the result is impressive. Of all the urban fantasy series I’ve read and loved over the years, the October Daye series is by far the most consistently inventive.

The key to any successful long-running series is a dynamic cast of lovable and flawed characters – that’s definitely not a problem for this series. Toby’s tenacity, bravery, foolhardiness, and her wry wit make her an ideal protagonist, but it’s her friends and family that really help this series shine. Many fan favourites appear here, including Danny the bridge troll taxi driver and some of the more noteworthy villains like Duchess Riordan. My one complaint? There’s wasn’t enough of Toby’s betrothed, Tybalt! The cat shifter who loves Toby, Shakespeare, and leather pants is a beloved character for a reason. *happy sigh*

THE BRIGHTEST FELL is another strong story in a fantastic series, and it’s sure to please old fans and newcomers alike…although longtime readers will find it more rewarding.

Now for the giveaway! The lovely people at DAW have graciously given me a copy of Rosemary and Rue, the first book in the October Daye series to give to one lucky winner. US/Canada only.

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20 thoughts on “The Brightest Fell Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway

  1. Whew, 11 books! I haven’t tried reading this series at all, but maybe I’ll have to give it a whirl. I’m really impressed to hear that the books are still fresh after that many — it seems like there are many series that have trouble keeping things fresh through a trilogy, hahaha.

    1. I know! It’s one of the longest-running series I’ve ever read (although not *quite* the longest, hahaha). If you like the idea of stories about the fae with a slight mystery twist, than you should definitely look into reading these!

    1. I know, McGuire is one of the most prolific writers working today! It’s really impressive, especially since her work continues to be really high quality. You should read the Wayward Children books instead — that way there are only two to catch up on!

  2. I need to try this series. I’ve thought about it several times, but just never have. Maybe the size of the series is holding me off, but it does sound like an urban fantasy series I would like. Glad it’s still going strong!

    1. You do need to try it, Greg! Knowing your love of stories about the fae, I think you’d really enjoy this. It’s a super quick read despite the length of the series, particularly if you like audiobooks. This continues to be one of my favourite series at the moment! 🙂

  3. I tried to read this series when it first started, but couldn’t quite get into it, so I was pleased to see your advice in the review that it was possible to jump in at this book. I might give this ago – thanks for the advice, danya 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness!!!!! Since McGuire stopped posting on her blog I’ve been out of contact with news about her new books and was tragically unaware that the new October Daye book was due! Apologies for rushing out of here at top speed, but I need to pay a visit to my favorite e-store… 😀
    Thank you SO MUCH for spotlighting this, I owe you one! 🙂

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